1. Pricing: The main currency on our website is US Dollars.

2. Use of Products: The purchaser acknowledges that the items acquired from Sanad Books are intended for personal or business use and will not be resold commercially.

3. Communication: Sanad Books operates primarily as an online bookstore. Our primary correspondence mode is via the email address associated with your Sanad Books account. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure this email address's accuracy. Sanad Books shall not be liable for any miscommunication from incorrect email details. If the customer maintains multiple email addresses, it is advised to verify all accounts before reaching out to Sanad Books.


1. Initial Contact: Should there be any concerns or issues with your order, kindly contact Sanad Books Customer Care promptly.

2. Modification and Cancellation Timeline: Amendments to orders due to errors or a preference change are feasible only within a limited timeframe. This applies before your order starts processing in our Distribution Centre for items labelled as 'In Stock' or begins processing with our supplier for other products.

3. Order Status Inquiry: To modify your order, we advise that you notify us swiftly so we can ascertain whether your order has commenced processing. Post-processing alterations to the order are not permissible. It's important to note that merging multiple orders is not feasible.

4. Implications of Modifications: Any addition or substitution to an order might change its shipping schedule. Always consider the stipulated shipping time for newly added or substituted items.

5. Product Availability Markings: Items available are tagged with the 'In Stock' emblem on the product page on the Sanad Books website. Conversely, other products provide a shipping timeframe, considering the period our supplier needs to deliver the product to us.

6. Refund Criteria: Refunds are processed solely if we verify that your requested modification or cancellation has been completed. We might propose a store credit for accepted cancellations outside these conditions.

7. Non-cancellable Products: Kindly be informed that cancellation due to a preference change is not an option for specific product categories. These categories include:

   - Gift Certificate

   - Bulk Purchases where unique pricing and/or product acquisition has been agreed.

   - Print on Demand titles with Firm Sale conditions in place.


Returns for Defective Items

1. Contacting Customer Care: The Sanad Books Customer Care team can assist you if you encounter any issues with your order.

2. Statutory Guarantees: All our products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the relevant consumer law. In cases of significant defects, you are entitled to either a replacement or a full refund in addition to compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. For minor flaws, you have the right to request repairs or replacements.

3. Issue Reporting: If you receive an incorrect, damaged, or faulty item, please get in touch with us as soon as possible from the time of delivery. We may request evidence of the defect and may require you to return the item for further assessment.

4. Return Process: Sanad Books may facilitate a cost-free return or offer an alternate resolution. Should a return be necessary, the item must be securely packaged, with either cardboard or bubble wrap providing adequate protection, to ensure it remains immobile within the package.

Returns for Change of Mind

1. Initial Consultation: Contact Sanad Books Customer Care for authorisation before initiating returns.

2. Conditions: Sanad Books is not obligated to accept returns due to a change of mind. If such a return is received, you will bear the cost of return shipping and will be eligible for store credit minus the initial shipping costs.

3. Packaging Requirements: All returned items must be securely packaged with protective materials like cardboard or bubble wrap to prevent movement.

4. Item Condition: For change-of-mind returns, items must be returned in a new and resalable condition, except when a damaged item has been approved for return.

5. Unauthorised Returns: Should an item be returned without prior approval from Sanad Books, or if the item is not securely packaged or in a new and resalable condition, Sanad Books reserves the right to refuse a refund or store credit. You will be notified about the status of such returns.

6. Credit and Refund Limitations: Credits or refunds will only apply to the actual item returned and will not cover your original shipping charges or any return postage costs.

7. Exclusions: A return or refund for a change of mind is not applicable for the following product types:

    - Gift Certificates

    - Bulk Orders with special pricing or sourcing conditions

    - Print on Demand titles with Firm Sale terms in place.


1. Order Examination: Sanad Books thoroughly reviews each order before initiating the processing phase. We only authorise items that we have confidence in sourcing. In instances where certain items are unavailable, alternative recommendations may be provided.

2. Notification: An automated email will prompt you to log into your Sanad Books account, enabling you to view the current status of the titles included in your order. Please note you will not incur charges for items we cannot source.

3. Order Cancellation: If you wish to cancel an unshipped order, you may do so within 120 days, provided the item has yet to be in transit from a supplier.

4. Right to Cancel: Sanad Books reserves the right to cancel your order and issue a refund if, after a period exceeding 120 days, we cannot obtain the desired title(s).


Items In Stock at the Sanad Books Warehouse

1. Stock Indicators: On each title's product information page, look for the 'In Stock' and 'Aims to Ship' indicators. These will provide information about whether the title is currently in our warehouse stock and the estimated number of business days required for shipment.

2. Stock Discrepancies: Sometimes, inventory may be depleted before updating the website. You will be notified if your order is affected by such a shortage. Additionally, dispatch times for 'In Stock' items may be delayed due to increased order volumes, warehouse disruptions, and other uncontrollable circumstances.

Items Not In Stock at the Sanad Books Warehouse

1. Supplier Sourcing: Titles unavailable in our warehouse must be ordered from domestic or international suppliers. Different items in your order may have varying delivery timelines depending on availability.

2. Inventory Variability: We rely on data from publishers and distributors to provide a comprehensive online selection. Our website undergoes daily updates, yet titles may temporarily become unavailable for reasons such as reprinting. They may also go out of print without advance notification from the publisher. You will be informed of any delay affecting your order in such cases.

Understanding Delivery Timelines

1. Order Processing: We will research the optimal sourcing strategy for the desired title after receiving your order.

2. Notification: An email will be sent to you once your order has been processed. This will invite you to log into your account to review the expected delivery timelines for your order.

3. Alternative Arrangements: If the projected delivery times do not meet your needs, please get in touch with Sanad Books to explore alternate options.

4. Gift Certificates: These items are delivered immediately upon purchase.

5. Shipping Timelines: Every product's information page indicates the intended shipping timeframe.

6. Specialist Titles: Sanad Books might require extra time to ship specialist titles, such as academic texts, unique hardcover editions, or particular subjects, since they aren't always readily available at suppliers.

7. Highly Specialised Titles: Certain titles, particularly indent titles or those awaiting reprint, might take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months to source globally. These indent titles are non-cancellable and non-returnable, except in cases where they arrive damaged, faulty, or incorrect. Under such conditions, our Returns Policy will cover a refund or replacement.

8. Upcoming Publications: Always check the publisher's anticipated release date for titles yet to be published.

9. Delivery Notifications: We'll update you regarding delivery timelines for each title based on the information available during order processing. Availability Issues: If specific titles aren't immediately accessible, we'll reach out to discuss potential wait times.

10. Shipping Confirmation: An automatic email will be dispatched once your order leaves our warehouse.

Late Delivery:

Should books dispatched experience delays beyond our anticipated delivery times or get lost during shipping, we commit to offering a replacement or a refund. Please wait for the specified duration post the dispatch date, as mentioned in the dispatch confirmation email, before contacting us.

GCC: Wait for 15 days.

Europe: Wait for 21 days.

USA and Canada: Wait for 21 days.

Rest of the world: Wait for 35 days.

If you have patiently waited for the stipulated time and your book(s) have yet to be delivered, kindly contact us. Ensure you provide ample details, and remember to mention your order number.


Modifications made through your Sanad Books Account will impact future orders. Adjustments for current orders must be communicated directly to the Sanad Books Customer Care Team promptly.

Address Issues: Inaccurate or incomplete addresses may cause:

- Delays.

- Lost parcels.

- Packages being returned to the Sanad Books Warehouse.

Receiver's Responsibility: It's essential to ensure that the items you order are legal in the receiving country. Sanad Books will not be held responsible if local authorities confiscate items due to legal concerns.

Cooperation with Shipping Companies: If the recipient does not cooperate with the shipping company, refuses to accept the shipment, or refuses to pay customs duties or taxes in their country, leading to the return or destruction of the shipment, then Sanad is not obliged to compensate.

Liability: If the error is on Sanad Books' part, we'll bear the costs of resending, replacing, or refunding undelivered or delayed items. However, if the mistake originates from the customer's end, Sanad Books won't be accountable for significant delays or lost shipments due to inaccurate information. If a package goes missing due to the shipping company despite having the correct details, Sanad Books will either replace the item(s) or offer store credit. Always check with your local post office first.

Redirections: Redirections by shipping companies might only sometimes be successful with packages. Communication with our Customer Care before relocating is essential to ensure prompt deliveries.


1. Cheque and Bank Transfers: Orders will be cancelled if funds via cheque/money order are received within 14 days or bank transfers are completed within 30 days. Changes in stock availability or prices during this period might also lead to order cancellation.

2. Charging of Credit Cards: Charges are made at checkout for all purchases. Any unavailable items will be removed and refunded. If a title faces unforeseen delays during processing, you will be notified.

Discount Codes & Promotions:

1 At Sanad Books, we occasionally offer promotions that grant additional discounts or savings. Unless otherwise specified, the terms and conditions below govern all promotions at Sanad Books:

2. Only one promotional code can be applied per order.

3 Previous orders cannot retrospectively benefit from new promotions.

4. No promotion can be exchanged for cash or applied as reimbursement against an order.

5. Sanad Books reserves the right to alter or discontinue any promotion at any given moment.

6. Any failure or inability by a customer to utilise a promotion for any reason does not hold Sanad Books responsible for any consequential financial loss.

7. Our discount codes and promotions are exclusive to orders made through Sanad Books. They are not applicable on our other sales platforms.

Complaints Handling:

Complaints Procedure

We hope your experience with us is positive and you're satisfied with your purchase and our services. However, should you have concerns, such as:

- Your goods not arriving?

- Does the order meet your expectations?

- Needing to inquire about your account?

- Wanting to speak with a manager?

Please bring this to our attention so we can promptly rectify the issue. You can contact us through the following means:

- Complete our Contact Us form

- Email us at support@sanadbooks.com.

We aim to respond to queries received via our Contact Us form and email within 24 working hours.

Escalating the Complaint:

If, after using the above methods, you feel your issue hasn't been resolved to your satisfaction, you may ask for the contact details of our Customer Service Manager.